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Manage Your Subscription

For Stonk Prime, Prime Plus, and Ultimate


From the Ternary dashboard, you can manage your Premium account including binding/unbinding your key, updating payment information, canceling your subscription, accessing your referral code, and claiming rewards.

Here are some common errors you might get when trying to sign up and how to troubleshoot them. For customer support, DM Stonk Support in the Discord channel.

If Subscription Purchase Failed try the following resolutions:


  • Purchase using a computer

  • Make sure you are using a valid credit card

  • Confirm that there is sufficient balance on your card

  • Confirm with your bank that the purchase will be approved

  • If using a coupon code, enter the code exactly as given. It is space and case-sensitive.

Errors with the Key:

  • Try binding from a computer

  • Confirm you have the correct key. If you need help confirming, DM Stonk Support in the Discord channel.

  • Enter the key correctly (character/symbol and space sensitive)

  • Clear your browser cache

  • Try a different browser

  • If you are a current member with key issues, go to, sign in, authorize, unbind and rebind the active key, then click "JOIN DISCORD"

If you experience any other issues that can not be solved, please DM Stonk Support in the Discord.

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