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Rating: 10/10

I've always been curious about trading and investing. I feel like I was very late to the game and needed to catch up on a lot of knowledge that people had been using to better themselves financially in the long run. I am so glad I met the guys at Stonk CEOs! There's a difference between these guys and the typical people out here hounding you to join their premium subscription and follow their calls blindly. These guys actually care about your education in the market and give you the feeling like they want you to succeed with them, not just line their pockets. I love that their calls come with an analysis that I can then use to become a better trader myself. I am grateful not only for the financial gain but the knowledge that comes with each of these trades. I highly recommend this team to set you on the right path to your financial future. Thank you!


Rating: 10/10

The Stonk Ceo's team has been quite the value for myself as a beginner options trader. Since joining the team, I have not only increased my portfolio size, but I have also learned so much more about why plays are being executed, and how to find some of these plays myself. In my opinion, the cost to value basis is unmatched to any other communities out there because they are founded by people who are truly passionate to teach and are honest and open about their losses. I truly rate this a 10/10!


Rating: 10/10

I have been trading for a few months now, I have not been very successful at all. I have learned just the basics over the first 2 months of trading. Almost 6 months into trading now and out of the 15 communities I am in, they have helped me out a bit with learning charts, and TA. They have always been there for any questions I have. If they don't know, they try to find out. They never made me feel like I was an idiot, they would answer the questions without making me feel dumb. I can’t say that I have made a lot of money yet, but with their guidance, I’m sure I’ll learn and grow my account! These guys are worth it in knowledge alone!!!


Rating: 10/10

Ever since I started trading, I always had doubts about if my charts were accurate or not or if they'd work or not. I constantly thought I was missing something when it came to trading and buying options. I was right. I missed a good Discord group. Ever since I joined The Stonk CEOs and had their premium membership, the analysts have been really helpful and have given me second opinions and suggestions on my charts. They even call out excellent option plays, which made my portfolio grow over 10% in a week. These guys here in Stonk Ceos aren't some kind of scam, they actually show us why they take each option play and what pattern they see. I highly recommend joining this Discord and becoming a Premium member here, 1 month's premium can easily be earned back within 2 days of premium!


Rating: 10/10

Like I said before I’m extremely thankful to be in this chat among so many great people. I was one of those people who was extremely affected by not knowing anything about stocks and lost 90% of my  portfolio. I would have never thought within ONLY TWO WEEKS of joining the premium chat would I have now recovered 50% of my loss! I am now only -37% of my portfolio  The proof is there to show you that joining the premium chat it will only make you some serious cash!!!


Rating: 10/10

Huge shout out to @Lipppz for the bandsssss I make on their plays, I've been with for a few months now and these guys are legit. Not only do they have amazing plays but also crazy great charts and are more than willing to answer any questions I have. They both know their shit and are highly successful at what they do, thanks guys much love for the team!


Rating: 10/10

I highly recommend The Stonk CEOS. They have hit on 90% of their call outs since I've joined. They are extremely knowledgeable and are very active on guiding each and every trade they suggest.

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