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Stonk Prime

All Stonk Prime members will be granted full access to:


Extraordinary market data. Flow, darkpool data, AI alerts and MUCH more, courtesy of Tradytics.

  • Locked channels on our discord of our options analysts, multiple private chats where you will be able to collaborate with our team and all other prime members

  • Access to long term investing ideas, trading bot tools, our current watchlists, news articles, and technical analysis for our trades. Our Analysts typically try to make 1-3 alerts per trading day for all prime members, and members will all receive notifications so they do not miss out on the opportunity of locking in gains!

  • We will alert you when we enter and when we exit all trades. Our private alerts consist of scalps, day trades, swings and long term leaps. All of these alerts will be posted in their specific channels to eliminate confusion

  • Given access to join and collaborate on our weekly live streams after hours/during, where we will answer all your questions, review trades on our watchlist, and more! 

Stonk Prime Plus

Stonk Prime Plus members will receive access to everything in Stonk Prime. Also:

  • Personalized weekly livestream.

  • Extra alerts.

  • Intra-day live streams during market hours where you can watch us live day trade, and we will answer all questions you may have. (Unlocked at 50 subs)

  • Eligible to enter our occasional giveaways where you can possibly win free stock, lifetime membership, and more.

  • Become a part of the team where you have first priority in new updates every month. We will incorporate your ideas into making the community a better place. 

The Stonk CEOs

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